Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am so dyeing tonight!

I have totally immersed myself in dye tonight! YAY! Working on Amanda M.'s custom order.... She has placed an order for two toddler blanket in some gorgeous colors.... Will definitely post pics when finished!

Also dyeing up some bamboo fleece.... Not sure if I will sew them into blankets yet or sell it as dyed fabric for someone elses creative hands.

So excited for this week and Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving was always a BIG deal at my Grandma's house when I was a child and I am looking forward to a nice day with some of my children, wishing I could have them all together at the same time. But unfortunate circumstances prevent that :(

Anyways, back to the fun of the night......

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Soap, Dyeing, & Mama Cloth

Ok, I admit, I have changed up what I do a lot in the past 4 years :)

Some have taken it as a great change and others have asked my why.....

Well, here's the answer.....

I like change! When I started making Daribum's, they were mainly for my babies and close friends. Then I decided to sell them.... Well, my last baby is getting close to Potty Learning and frankly I am just tired of sewing diapers.

I tired my hand at yarn dyeing, sells didn't do to good for me there, and I was more giving away my yarn and couldn't really replenish any of the stock, so I let that go and went back to diapers.

I still get requests for diapers and would be happy if any previous customers ask me to make a few :)

I also make mama cloth, love doing it, will continue to do it!

Well then I ventured onto soap! I LOVE making soap and will probably continue to do so until the day I die! Lots and lots of fun and creativity goes into making soap.....

This is what leads me to today..... I love being creative and getting to change things up.... I LOVE dyeing! Plain and simple. I love the look of a finished product.

So in a nutshell, I am done with diapers and will stick to dyeing, soap, and some mama cloth!

Season customs getting down to the wire!

I will be stocking this Friday on the Crunchy Congo , some gorgeous baby blankets made from OBV!!:) I will offer one more custom slot for Christmas also ;)

I will open up to new customs after Christmas....

I just want to say thank you to all my fans on facebook and Hyenacart! You all have been so great and supportive!